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What is Hearing Loss?

In the most basic of terms, hearing loss is a reduced ability to hear sound; this can happen for a number of reasons and at varying degrees. A hearing loss can range from mild to profound and can happen suddenly or gradually over time. Hearing loss is one of the most common conditions that affects older adults and most of the time, can be managed by the use of hearing devices. Our sense of hearing plays an important role in our ... Read more

Shoot! Bang!…Ouch! My Ears are Ringing!

Why protect your ears? Noise exposure is well documented to cause hearing loss. Guns, power tools, motorcycles and football crowds are uncomfortable and they often fall in the 90-140 dB range. What is available to help you hear and yet, still protect your hearing? Plenty of options There are many products to protect against noise exposure. These products can range from foam plugs, custom noise plugs, to high tech electronic custom molded devices for the serious shooter. The investment ... Read more