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To Our Northwest Iowa community, family and friends.  During these challenging times following the recent devastating flooding, Jorgensen Hearing Center (JHC) is here to support you. Partnering with Starkey Hearing Care, our focus is to assist those who have lost their hearing aids due to the flooding. Starkey Cares will replace your hearing aids at no charge, regardless of the brand. Please contact Jorgensen Hearing Center for more information or if you are in need of assistance with your current hearing aids.

What Matters to You, Matters to Us. That is the Jorgensen Hearing Center Difference.
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Welcome to Jorgensen Hearing Center Spencer & Sioux Center, IA: Your Local Hearing Aid Experts

We get it. Sometimes life goes speeding by so fast it seems like there’s hardly time to breathe. Little things get shoved to the side, until one day they become too big to ignore. That’s the way it is with hearing loss. Conversations get harder, particularly in crowded places. Your TV gets turned up louder and louder. And the sweet sounds of the natural world around you seem faded and more distant.

We can help. At Jorgensen Hearing Center, we specialize in finding the perfect hearing solutions for people just like you. Our tailored approach combines advanced hearing testing to determine whether a hearing aid might help you, sophisticated technology and, most important, caring and experienced professionals dedicated to helping you get back what you have lost.

Forget everything you think you know about hearing loss and hearing technology. Thanks to the incredible advances we’ve made in recent years, hearing aids and assistive devices are less noticeable – and more powerful – than ever before.

It’s your life: don’t wait one more day to reclaim all of the beautiful sounds that surround you. They’re still there, just waiting for you to take action. Call or text Jorgensen Hearing Center for an appointment today!

Jorgensen Hearing Center Team

Jorgensen Hearing Center Team

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5 Reasons
to Get Your
Hearing Checked

Stave off dementia

Hearing loss has been associated with cognitive decline, depression and an increased risk of falls.

Reduce your healthcare costs.

Ignoring your hearing loss for just two years has been shown to increase your healthcare costs as much as 26 percent.

Keep tabs on your overall health

Because hearing loss can be very gradual, it can sneak up on you. Getting checked regularly is the best way to keep an eye on it. Plus hearing loss is one of the earliest indicators of several health conditions like autoimmune responses, diabetes, and circulation issues.

Make sure your meds aren’t affecting your hearing

From over-the-counter pain medications to antibiotics there are more than 200 known medications that can harm your hearing. Are you at risk?

Stay connected with those you love

Hearing loss can be very isolating and repeating “What?” gets old fast. Why wait? Get checked and see if hearing aids may help you.

45 Day Free Trial

Visit us, at Jorgensen Hearing Center, to try a new hearing aid with our risk-free 45 day test drive!

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45 Day Free Trial

Visit us, at Jorgensen Hearing Center, to try a new hearing aid with our risk-free 45 day test drive!

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Why Choose Jorgensen Hearing Center?

Helping others restore their hearing is our mission! We won’t be happy until you’re satisfied with your hearing.

We can help you:

  • Uncover the root of your hearing issues.
  • Determine the right solution for you based on your level of hearing loss, lifestyle and budget.
  • Evaluate the pros and cons of each hearing aid type and brand.
  • Program and custom-fit your hearing aids for the best results.
  • Adjust and fine-tune it until it’s just right.

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