Hearing aids that meet your unique lifestyle

Together with NW Iowa ENT, Jorgensen Hearing Center has been helping our community hear better for over 30 years.

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Active Lifestyle

family playing soccerAn active lifestyle means you deal with frequent background noise from things like outdoor events, restaurant dining, social activities, theater and movies, noisy work environments, airports or travel, and cell phone use.

Casual Lifestyle

Casual_90x68A casual lifestyle produces occasional background noise typically associated with things like quiet restaurants or shops, phone conversations, television, quiet work environments, small family gatherings or social groups.

Quiet Lifestyle

Very Quiet LifestyleA quiet lifestyle offers limited background noise resulting from one-on-one conversations, weekly church services, infrequent telephone use, and limited shopping.

Very Quiet Lifestyle

man sitting alone with a cup of coffeeA very quiet lifestyle rarely includes background noise, and it features activities in and around the home such as limited conversations and rare telephone use.